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Connect Apple TV and Apple Airport Extreme to Internet in RV

I have what Apple technical support says in an unsolvable problem.

I live in a motor home and wanted a way to watch my movies and pictures on my hi def TV mounted in the front of my RV. So I bought an Apple TV media extender. Using iTunes I found I could do that. However, if I wanted to watch movie trailers, YouTube, or pictures on Flickr, I couldn't access the Internet.

My configuration is a Dell notebook and Dell desktop running Vista Home Premium, both with wireless capability and can currently connect to the Internet through the RV park's TengoInternet.com. I also have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. The Apple TV can connect to TengoInternet; however, like most short term ISPs, TengoInternet routes all initial Internet requests through their home page and asks for Username and password. Apple TV does not have the ability to pass on the user name and password.

I visited an Apple store in La Jolla, CA and a technician told me my Linksys router was not compatible with the Apple TV and suggested I buy an Apple Airport Extreme base station. I could then connect it to the Internet and then wirelessly connect the Apple TV to it.

I bought the Apple Airport Extreme but could not get past the initial setup screen. The desktop cannot see the Airport at all and the notebook gets hung up on the first configuration screen.

Tech support told me that for the Airport to work, it must have an Ethernet input from the modem. Since my notebook is internal and my desktop has an external USB wireless modem, neither can provide the Ethernet input to the Airport. Connecting the computers to the Airport via Ethernet cables makes no difference. The AirPort Utility setup program apparently needs a wireless connection from a computer and an Ethernet Internet input to function properly.

I also have the Verizon National Access - BroadbandAccess using the UM-150 USB modem using the Verizon EV-DO and 1xrtt cell phone networks. But, there is no way to frovide the Ethernet input from it to the Airport.

Is there any way out of this? Apple tech support doesn't think so.

RoadRoy in Escondido, CA
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Have you tried setting up Internet Connection Sharing on one of your PC's to share the internet connection from the wireless connection to your ethernet connection? Then connect the PC to the AppleTV using an ethernet cable.


Since I live in an RV that has slides that move in and out,and the TV is mounted in an enclosed cabinet  there is no convenient way to cosmetically route an Ethernet cable from the computer to the TV.  Also, before  bought the Airport Extreme, II did try to connect the Apple TV to my notebook with ICS enabled, but the Internet connection would not transfer over the Ethernet cable.

Thanks for the suggestion,


After connecting the ethernet cable, did you then use the apple remote to set up the network connection in the AppleTV?
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By the way, I can tell you that AppleTV will connect to the a Linksys wireless router. I have done it.

Try this:

Connect to your Linksys router. Turn off DCHP in the Linksys Admin Program.

Then turn on ICS on one of your PC's and connect the ethernet cable from it to one of the LAN ports (NOT the WAN port) of the LinkSys. This will enable the LinkSys to work like a bridge rather than a NAT router. See if you can then connect the Apple TV to it wirelessly. You will have to use the IR remote to go into the AppleTV setup to setup of the network. Since the Linksys is acting as a bridge, it should be transparent and you should pick up an IP address from the PC's ICS.


I have loaned the Apple TV to a friend to check out on his configuration. I will get it back on Monday and try your suggestions.


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Guys, I apologize for not getting back to you. A second Apple tech support person got the Apple Airport Extreme working using the CAT5 connection to my laptop.

However, I cannot get Internet Connection Sharing to work on my laptop using either the campground wireless Internet provider or the Verizon UM-150 Broadband Modem.

I did find a nearby camper who left his Linksys wireless system open and did get the Apple TV to work properly. Now, I have to find a way to get my ICS working so I can provide my own Internet access.

Lets close this and I will open another probglem
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