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onmouseover image pop up

I'm already using the onmouseover  function in html/javascript to make a textbox pop up (using the wz_tooltip.js)  but I was wondering if it is also possible to make an image pop up and fix the position of that image to wherever I want onmouseover, and to make it go away on onmouseout?

My current onmouseover code:

<li class="simplerr"> <a href="article_01_1.html" onmouseover="Tip(txt2)" onmouseout="UnTip()"  class="simple_link_selected" id="two"> <span class="area_c">01</span> <span class="area_a"> MOVING FORWARD </span></a> </li>
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The solution below (using TagToTip) is slightly modified from the example I gave to your previous question (JavaScript tooltip show image).
   <script type="text/javascript" src="wz_tooltip.js"></script>
   <a href="index.html" onmouseover="Tip('this is a nice tip', BGIMG, 'Help.png')">test tip 1</a>
   <span id="spanTip"><img src="Help.png">&nbsp;</span>
   <a href="index.html" onmouseover="TagToTip('spanTip', BGCOLOR, 'none', BORDERWIDTH, 0)">test tip 2</a>

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.. was your previous question. Sorry. EE Rich Text links aren't working properly.