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User profile location on server

I am setting up a fresh server and want everyones profile to be stored on the server for backup reasons. The default location for SBS is the C:\Users Shared Folders. I want to locate it to the D drive which has the most room. Where can I configure this before I start adding users? I found the My Document Redirect in the Sever Management, Users. I don't think that is what I want, I want the whole profile so that if they log in to a different computer they get all there settings.

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Rob Williams

8/22/2022 - Mon

u mean u need to set roaming profile if yes read this


this will help u sure
Rob Williams

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I was able to move the Users Shared Folder using the xcopy command. Now I created all my users and started to add the first computer to the domain. I used the website //server/connectcomputer and added the computer to the domain and had the existing users profile maintained so that I didn't have to copy anything over, but there is no my doc redirect or other profile settings that copied to the server.
Rob Williams

You need to run the redirect my documents wizard. You can do this after the fact so long as you followed the instructions in the link regarding maintaining the share name. The wizard is located under Server management | Users | Configure My Documents Redirection. After running the wizard log the user off and back on.
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Will this configure all the proflie settings as well? Favorites, outlook, desktop?
Rob Williams

No just My Documents.

For Outlook, if you are using Exchange. Configure the e-mail account to use cached mode (should be by default) and it will automatically save a copy on the server and the work station. Actually the e-mail with exchange is kept on the sever, cached mode keeps a copy on the desktop.

If you want to redirect Desktop items you need to do so manually by creating a group policy or edit the default policy.
The default policy is (in Group policy Management Console) "Small Business Server Folder Redirection". Right click on it and choose edit, the browse to: User configuration | Windows settings | Folder redirection | right click on Desktop  choose properties to edit

There is no option for Favorites. To do so you would have to veer from the "SBS way" and use roaming profiles.

It seems I have setup a few SBS's before with out much configuration and they were setup with roaming profiles. I login and I have my background image, I login to another computer and I have my background picture there also. I don't know how I did it, it just works. I will look further into to see if I can duplicate it.

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Rob Williams

That would be using roaming profiles if the background image follows you, unless it is a default applied to a group of uses by Group Policy.
Roaming profiles work fine with SBS but there are no built in wizards for configuring it.

Thanks for your input
Rob Williams

Thanks calitech.
Cheers !
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