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Is it possible to use ADMT to migrate Users, Computers, and OU's to a new domain with the same name?

We are trying to get rid of a Single Label Domain and rebuild the server the easiest way possible.  The only thing we want to preserve is the Active Directory user accounts and computer accounts.

The problem:
We have a single label domain named "domainX" and we need it to be named "domainX.local" or domainY.local

Possible Solutions:
We would like to create a new domain in a new forest named "domainX.local" and then use ADMT to move the user and computer accounts from the source domain "domainX" to the target domain "domainX.local".
If it is not possible to use the same domain name "domainX" then we can name the new domain "domainY.local".

Network  configuration:
We have 30 users in our main office (where the single Windows Server 2003 DC is located), 15 domain users that are in branch offices that are connected by site-to-site VPN, and 15 domain users that connect in to the main office with the Cisco VPN client.

Our questions:
What is going to happen on each workstation in the domain when they get moved to the new domain?
 Will the users profile be preserved on their workstation?  What steps will need to be performed by each user?
Any suggestions given our scenario?
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domainX and domain.local are not the same ADMT should work fine.
if you were moving from domain.local to domain.local then those are the same
Careful. ADMT requires a trust relationship, which requires unique NetBIOS names. I don't believe that you'll be able to establish a trust between the 2 domains as you describe them.
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The change would be from domainX to domainX.local.  Is that possible or does it need to be domainX to domainY.local?  I would prefer it to be domainX.local but not if it is more difficult.
Thanks for the info Laura.  So it would be easier if I change the domain from domainX to domainY.local because the NetBIOS name is changing from domainX to domainY.
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