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Amazon complaining about cookies in framed page on IE7 for Windows

Here's an interesting one. My site sends the customer out to Amazon in a frame. When the customer adds a book to the cart, on IE7 on Windows, they get a message from Amazon asking them to enable cookies (even though cookies are enabled). No message comes up on Firefox.

To reproduce the problem:
1. Visit
2. Click the first book on the page to go to Amazon
3. Click click "add to cart"
4. Note the giant "Important Message" in yellow at the top of the page

Why would Amazon think cookies are disabled, when they are not? Again this works fine in FFox. I'm putting the page in a frame, but that's it, nothing crazy or weird is going on.

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This is normal for a lot of big sites.  They do not want their pages in a frame on someone else's site.  Many use code to break out of the frames (e.g. see links like below) 

In your case, simply use the new window as a target --

A href="amazon_page.html"  target="_blank"

and that will put the Amazon page into a new browser window for them, the problem should vanish.

This is GOOD coding practice.  There's nothing wrong with showing pages in iframes and the like, but a good practice for sites is that any link to a site external to yours SHOULD come up in a new window.  It is much less confusing to the visitor if different windows relate to different sites.
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Hmm, I don't think that's it at all.

The problem doesn't exist with Firefox (Windows) or Firefox (Mac), or (interestingly) IE6 for Windows.

I did confirm the weird behavior happens only on Safari (Mac) and IE7 (Windows).

So it appears the issue has nothing to do with frames, it's a browser thing.

Still looking for an answer...
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Looks like the issue is a security one, and setting a "compact privacy policy" on my site fixed the issue for Safari but not IE7 (?!).

Details here:

Does this mean Amazon needs to put a P3P in their header in order to solve the problem?
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