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What is the best/simplest method of migrating SBS2003 TO Server 2003 R2 SP2

I need to migrate a small company of 5 users running SBS 2003 with Exchange 6.54 to Server 2003 R2 SP2.
I've been reading the ADMT V3, all 82 pages of it and I'm trying to find out if ADMT is the best choice.
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been there done this...

setup the new Domain controller to be as
a BDC backup domain controlller on you network
replicate Active directory on the Future Domain Controller
unplug the sbs server...
reboot the BDC and at the command prompt
type...   dcpromo

promotes the bdc to the PDC

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So, you're recommending to NOT use ADMT?

Cause I was wondering if ADMT would bring the app's and db's along...

By using your method the app's  and DB's would come?
it has worked several times for me...

but be advised switching from SBS has caused many problems

ms created SBS.....    a one legged neutered bull...
as a marketing tool so you woul buy a four legged fertile bull

Thats the concern....  I've read all of the net about disaster's and I'm trying avoid them big time.

The plan is export the User outlook Mail boxes to a local share, stop Exchange and handle the mail with an external POP3 PST.

Don't know if this would minimize the crash & burn syndrome or not?
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I manage the email fo 8 different companies there...
has everything you need
shared contacts..
shared calendars..

and if you have less than 50 users, it is free..
Thank you for the direction.
One final question.  You above that switching from sbs has caused many problems in the past.

Could you give me a heads as to where I should be keeping an eye out for problems?

ie: which area's are most likely to go south?