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Trouble loading software with wizard and install shield

Hello all. I am trying to connect my mobile phone to my computer by blue tooth rather than a data cable.
I purhased a Bluetooth Usb dongle and cd from a company called Energy Sistem. This loads and runs and gives me two options. The first is to install the driver, the second is to install a programme called CA Magic mobile.
The programme I can install, the driver I cant.I believe that this is the Toshiba Blue tooth Stack. When I try to install it the install wiz\ard starts the almost instantly I get the wizard screen that says at the top "Blue tooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba- Install wizard". It then says "Install wizard completed" . Followed by "The wizard was interupted before Blue tooth Stack for Winows-by Toshiba, could be completely installed. Your ststem has not been modified. To install this program at a later date, please run the installation again"

If I open the file and click directly on the set up folder, exactly the same thing happens. Untill I get this installed, the other program is useless and is dosent recognise the dongle. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Vadim Rapp

8/22/2022 - Mon
Vadim Rapp

Could this be your solution?
Vadim Rapp


Hi Vadimrapp1
Thanks for the info, but thats more about synching with a winows enabled phone. My problem is I cant even load the driver, so theres nothing to see in device manager
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William Peck
Vadim Rapp

Actually, the links instructs how to install Microsoft native driver instead of Toshiba.

If you really want to install Toshiba driver... perhaps this article will help:

Hi Vadimrapp1
Thanks for the second link. Managed to get the driver from there for the Toshiba stack. Loaded great the first time.
Trouble now is the software that comes with the dongle, Camagic Mobile, dosent recognise any of the three mobile phones I use !!
Any ideas on another piece of, hopefully free, software that talks between the bluetooth dongle and mobile phone, so I can read the files, photos, music etc and transfer them from computer to phone?
Vadim Rapp

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