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Queries on MDAC

We just installed Windows 2003 SP2 on the database server and I just realized that I couldn't find MDAC program in Add/Remove Program. The old database server is installed with Windows 2000 SP4 and the MDAC program exists in the Add/Remove Program. Is it okay?

I've installed component checker on the new database server (with Windows 2003 EE SP2) and it returns UNKNOWN. Then I checked the windows registry (\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DataAccess\FullInstallVer), it shows 2.82.3959.0. I assume MDAC 2.8 has been installed on the new database. Am I correct?

Assuming the MDAC does not exist on the new database server (with Windows 2003 EE SP2), it is not required to install MDAC on the database server since SQL server does not require MDAC to perform its function. MDAC is only required to be installed on the client's workstation. Am I correct?

MDAC is part of O/S installation and meaning to say that its version depends on the O/S version. Am I correct?

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