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How to manually edit .prf file SBS 2003

The SBS 2003 default exchange account in Outlook is taking over when the clients reboot. I already found the Experts Exchange answer that to solve this the .prf file needs to be updated to add the POP3 account.  Where I am stuck is figuring out how to add this account.  

The clients are on Office 2007 and all of the tech support articles I can find say to use the Office Customization tool to update the PRF file. However, I can't find the Office Customization Tool anywhere.  The client computers came with Office 2007 already installed, so there was no custom installation point from the server.  

The tech articles also mention--though don't recommend--manually editing the PRF file.  I've located the PRF file and have opened it in Notepad, but I don't know what to edit to add the POP3 account. If anyone could post specifically what the code should look like and where it needs to be placed, it would be a huge help

Thank you very much for any help
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