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MS Exchange 2003 POP3 connector migration

I have finished setting up a new 2003SBS box for one of our clients... one thing thats bugging me though is the pop3 connector configuration files...

I can just call the guys who host the emails to change the passwords on Monday however I would really like to resolve this without going through them (there are a lot of passwords that will need changing!!)

Long story short, swung AD, exchange..... over to the new server (going from 2003SBS to 2003SBS...) and all running fine.   Copied over the IMBData.dat and IMBData.bak files over to the new server with pop3 connector service stopped as advised.  Once done  started the service

great - looks like its all there - however when it tries to connect - it moans about the passwords not been right and fails to download any email...

I tried it a few times but no joy...

AS far as I can see  all the pop3 details look fine  it just looks like the password is not transferring over.

any advice would be grateful


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