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iTunes Not Enough Memory to Save - but plenty of memory

I run Vista Home Premium with iTunes for media.
All was fine until relatively recently when I started regularly getting an error about iTunes being unable to save its library file because of not enough memory.  BUT I have plenty of memory.  At the time this error pops up (and I have a Vista gadget showing me memory utilisation real-time) I have 850MB free - it doesn't vary - it's not as if it dips iTunes shows an error and then it recovers, it permanently shows around this much free (I have 2GB total) when iTunes is running.
I've done a web search but cannot find evidence of anyone solving this problem (other than getting advice about getting more memory!)
Any suggestions?
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Thank you for the suggestions.  I think you may have missed that I'm running iTunes on Windows not Mac OS.  I have auto update turned on and have all of the latest updates.
All of my songs are on the laptops harddrive, but the point about removable storage is interesting, it started happening yesterday (although I can't vouch for previously) when I was importing a CD using my CD drive.  So perhaps it was linked to the CD no longer being available.
Perhaps foolishly I clicked on the check box "ignore this error" that comes up on the error message box about the memory problem and now I have no way to undo that.  But it has to be said after a reboot I haven't had any problems, so maybe for whatever reason it is happening the message box is triggered without there being a significant problem.  The message warns of an inability to save the library file, but as this happened during importing a CD and after the reboot (I couldn't get iTunes to start before the reboot) the imported tracks were there, it looks like it isn't the problem I thought - so I'll close the question.