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Cygwin/X issue

Hi all,

We have multiuser environment with cygwin/XWin.exe which is all windows XP computers.  When a user logs off, they leave behind a C:\cygwin\tmp\.X11 folder (that might not be the exact name but it's something like that).

When another user logs in they can't use XWin.  The reason is because XWin requires to be able to write to this folder c:\cygwin\tmp\.X11.  However, since the file is owned by the previous user, the user can't write to it at all and XWin won't start up.

Is there any solution to this issue?


So far we have used a logoff.bat script with the text below.  However, sometimes this does not work properly because when logoff.bat runs, the XWin of the user has not terminated yet.

rm -rf /tmp/.X11
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