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How do I find the Rev number of my motherboard...

I have a Gigabyte P35-DS3r E6750.. I bought a Samsung 1TB F1 to add to my 2 x 500GB drives - but when I tried to format it using Windows (XP Pro SP3) the format failed, I did a quick format by attaching it via USB to my laptop and then I re-attached it via USB to my PC - I was able to back up 400+GB data to it.

However, after rebooting it now shows as having only a 32MB partition - I have since discovered that it's a Gigabyte BIOS problem - Gigabyte apparently have only just heard of large disks - but I can't find the REV number on my Mobo to update the BIOS.

Their website is unhelpful.

Also, what do I have to do to the Samsung disk to recover the space - I have tried several HDD utilities and they either don't 'see' it or say it's too small to manage.

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