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how to stop (pause?)/start msql server for acronis backup

We are a small business and have MSQL Server (I believe Version 8) that has 2 databases on it.
The server is running 24/7. We are doing backups with Acronis Echo Server for Windows. Up until now we just backed up the server as it was (older version of Acronis which should backup open files, however it is not perfect obviously thats why we upgraded).

Now the latest version has the option to send pre and post backup commands, to for example stop or pause an mssql server before a backup is done. My question is what are the commands I have to enter for pre and post backup to stop or pause (don't know which one is needed) the db.

So it seems that I have 3 services running, they are

1-Distributed Transaction Coordinator
2-SQL Server
3-SQL Server Agent

So what are the commands to stop or pause the db and to restart afterwards..... Anything else I need to watch out for?
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