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Rename Domain, or Rebuild AD?

We're a small company with several offices.  We now have a VPN and want to merge all our Active Domains into one "forest"

Each office has a domain controller (some are W2003 SBS, but they are being swing migrated to W2003 Standard Server )

Anyway my current "problem" is that the home office domain is named "mns1.mydomain.com, whereas
each of my other offices have domains named:   tech.mydomain.local, fred.mydomain.local, denver.mydomain.local

The tech office is where our Exchange server is located.  It's on a SBS machine that is our domain controller for
that office.  Shouldn't affect what I'm trying to do here at the home office (this question)

So far, even though I have the vpn working, I've not created any trusts between these sites (because of SBS).

Now, at the home office, the only server we have there is mns1.mydomain.com
Should I rename it mns1.mydomain.local?

In looking at the rendom.exe procedures it requires a stand-alone server to run all the procedures on, but we
only have the one domain controller.

Should I go through the exercise of renaming this domain?   Do I have to build a stand-alone server to do this?

Thanks for any insight!

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