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Auto-mounting Windows Shares in Mac OS X 10.5

I need a way to automatically mount Windows SMB shares on my Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.4), but the solution must:

1. Mount the Windows SMB shares when my MacBook starts up (prior to logging in) or resumes from sleep.
2. Check to make sure the shares remain connected to deal with any random disconnects.
3. Mount the Windows SMB shares if they are disconnected for some reason.
4. Suppress error messages from popping up all over my screen when a share is lost.
5. Not store my password anywhere in an unencrypted state like many AppleScripts do.

If anyone can solve this problem, I will be forever grateful.  There are so many half-assed solutions posted on various sites, but nothing that does the job properly.
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Just by coincidence I ran into this website about 10 minutes after my post...

For 20 clams it might be just the ticket for part of your problem.
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Sorry to take so long to respond to your answer.  Some good information in your post which helped me sort this out.  Thanks a million!