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Fresh install of Exchange Server 2007 still sees remnents of old exchange server 2003

I am attempting to install exchange server 2007 into an organization that previously had Exchange server 2003 installed.  The server that had Exchange 03 was having replication issues so Exchange was removed from it and it was forcibly demoted to a member server.  The old 03 server has since been retired and is no longer available on the network.  I went to install a fresh install of exchange 2007 and the install stops at the mail flow settings part to connect to an existing exchange 2000 or 2003 organization.  If I click the browse button it sees the server that previously had exchange 03 on it.  I leave the box blank on the mail flow settings part and continue with the installation.  The install gets to the hub transport role section and it bombs out saying  "Error:  Could not find the default Administrative Group "Exchange Administrative Group" (GYDIBOHF23SPDLT)"  After looking up this error initially I found a microsoft article that talks about going in and removing the watermark key from the registry and reruning setup.  I did that and it still fails.  I also used adsiedit to look for anything that is showing a trace of the old exchange server, but I could not find anything.  Basically what I need to do is simply get a fresh copy of exchange installed,  the mailboxes that were on the old server do not matter to me (good thing cause that server is gone)  I just need to get the users on this domain setup to a new instance of exchange  Thanks
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