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Which application(s) or languages do I need to build the website I want?


I would like to build a website that will contain a repository of videos, probably hundreds of short ones (3-5 minutes). I plan to have a short Flash intro of some sort, then a few different pages. I'm not sure yet about the layout, but I would like a scroll function to view the videos in a thumbnail view with a text description, and once it gets clicked on it will navigate, or start to play in an embedded flash player. I would also like each video and description to be "searchable" by keyword. I also need that content to be playable on mobile devices (ie: iPhone).

Am I able to build all of this within Flash? And how will I index each new video to be searchable?

I hope my question is clear. Thanks!
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1) Server side platform (php, ASP.Net, JavaEE etc)
2) Flash Media Server
3) Database (MySql, MSSql, Oracle etc)

apart from this u need to use flash components for displaying the video on client browser
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thanks for the response.

So the server side platform and Flash Media Server will be handled by the web hosting company, correct? I just need to find one that supports those apps? Or do I need to build it with Flash Server + the mySQL database?
(I have Flash CS3 and have built a practice site with embedded Flash player)

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