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Windows XP auto reboot. Primary reported Event ID 1003.

Hi. I had to repair my boy's 5 yr old PC Intel Pentium 1.9 GHz with Intel 845GEBV2 motherboard after the computer failed to boot into windows and remained at the dos screens. I bought him a new case (says 450W), a Gigabyte GA-8I865GME motherboard and an addtional 80 GB HDD (the original still being in place as 80 GB). So 2 drives, both PATA and connected with 80 conductor cable in Cable Select mode. Plus 2 cd/dvd drives, one a reader the other a writer. Upgraded existing RAM of 640 MB to 2 GB. Did not delete partitions on old 80 gb drive but formatted c drive and Installed Win XP Home afresh, upgrade to SP2 and then to SP3. Display card XFX GeForce 4 MX4000 with latest driver from website, comes with heat sink. Philips 17" LCD monitor. Ran the chipset drivers from Gigabyte cd-rom + utilities. Also flashed the BIOS (don't know why I did it though). Also have a wireless USB adaptor WUSB54G from Linksys attached and working. All those peripherals were always there except for ram and motherboard and CPU (yeah changed that to a used 2.4 GHz). Used thermal paste before sticking on.

Happy to go with a new computer I was only shocked to find that trouble was not over yet. For sometime I noticed that when in windows the machine would restart on its own, either while running for a longtime or when rebooting after a software install or when starting from cold. Ignorantly though I removed the wireless adaptor and then windows would boot properly and stay and not start running back to reboot. Once stabilised I would reconnect the WUSB54G and things would be fine. Again when starting from cold it would start the same vicious cycle of reboots.

All fans are working fine. Also I checked changing back to my old ram chips of 640 MB but made no difference to the reboot problem.

Most important is I also recorded that it would behave perfectly fine with any number of cold or warm boots or restarts in windows Safe Mode so obviously it had something to do with things loading when in full windows mode, like the graphic card may be or the wireless or ....I don't know what. Surely the Mobo and CPU are good.

Googling gave me a few ideas of Event IDs that I recorded, the main being 1003, though others like 7023, 17, 29, 4307
10005, 7001,7026 were also there. But nothing so far.

I suspect the PSU and would not refrain from changing it though would like to be sure before doing so. The name is dubious - VIOS. Even the font used matches that used by Toyota Vios. I have a spare Seventeam PSU (the one from my old PC) and intend checking with that.

Help please?

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