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SBS 2003 with 2 NIC's and a Linksys Router -- Email not working!

I am brand new this site today!  Hope that some of you great experts out there can help.  Sorry for the longevity of this request, but I wanted to ensure that you had all necessary data up front in order to diagnose what might be wrong here. . .

The quick and dirty is:  I have purchased a new router that is connected to a SBS 2003 R2 Server and now I've lost the ability to receive email.  I can send email all day long -- just can't receive it anymore!

I'm sure you've seen this question (or a variation thereof) a thousand times by now. . . . However, I am NOT a networking guy.  I know bare-bones basics, that's it.     I called Linksys Tech Support and they spent several hours on line with me yesterday and today. While helpful, I am not sure that I am configured properly. All of the following settings were given to me by Linksys tech support. . .

I am running SBS 2003 R2 on the Server (clean, virgin install) with all current service packs and critical updates installed.    I did a clean install because we needed to ditch ISA Server 2004 as our firewall that we had been running for the past 3 years, in preparation for the upcoming upgrade to SBS 2008.  SBS 2008 does not have ISA Server anymore, thus, I needed a hardware firewall solution.  We purchased a Linksys RVS4000 Business Router for our firewall and internet access.  I am learning now that this may have been  a poor choice?   In any event, that's what we have and herein lies my problem (I think?)

The Server has two (2) NIC's -- one segmented for the internet and the other for the LAN.   The physical wire connections are as follows:

NIC1 - is for internet access and attaches to one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.  The WAN connection on the Router attaches to our cable modem (provided by Time-Warner Business Class)

NIC1 is configured as follows:

NIC2  is for LAN as follows:
                        Gateway              <blank>

NIC2 is plugged in to our NetGear 16-port Switch that then feeds out to the rest of the LAN

The RVS4000 Router is
configured as follows:            
                                IP           (static IP provided by Time Warner)
      Mode                Gateway

DHCP on the Router is DISABLED.   However, I can still enter the setup screen at (Linksys says that this cannot be done, but that's not right -- because I CAN!) They suggest that once DHCP is disabled on the router, then you lose the ability to enter the setup screen? ? ? Hmmmm. That does not happen for me!  When I connect to the Router setup screen, The router summary screen reads:

                        LAN IP  
                        WAN IP  
Anyway, with all that said, we have full internet access at our full 10-Mbs speed.  No problem there.   Thus, I have to assume that the above settings are "good" because we can access the Internet.  

However, the issue we are having is that we are unable to receive any email through Exchange Server 2003 (integrated as part of SBS 2003 R2)

When I run the CEICW, the wizard detects the Universal PnP of the of the router and asks if you want to allow the wizard to configure the router -- I choose "yes" and then I progress through the wizards setup screens as follows . . .

Router Connection Screen -- "the DNS Server Addresses are provided by your ISP
                        Local IP of router
I ensure that the check box for a single NIC is unchecked and I choose next. . .

Next window is the Network Connection screen:
      ISP Network Connection shows IP of

      Local Network Connection shows IP
Next window is the Firewall Screen.  I choose to "enable firewall"
Next window is the Services Configuration Screen.  (email and VPN services are "checked")
Next window is the Web Services Configuration Screen (1st 2 items are "checked")
Next window is the Internet Email Screen ( I choose to "enable")
Next window is the Email Delivery Method (I choose to "Use DNS to Route Email")
Next window is the Email Retrieval Method (I choose to "Use Exchange - Email is delivered directly to my server")
Next window is the Email Domain setting (where I enter my registered domain name)
Next window is the Exchange Server "Remove Attachments" (I accept all defaults here)
Next windows is the actual configuration . . . all 4 items in the list all check out OK

            Network Configuration       OK
            Firewall                          OK
            Secure Web site              OK
            Email                          OK

Being that I am NOT a networking guy, I am wondering if all the DNS settings on the NIC's, and in the CEICW wizard are correct??   Since Exchange Server is using DNS to route the mail, I wonder if those settings are wrong?   Linksys was very confused over this (they just don't know SBS 2003 and I can't blame them for that!)  I'm confused too!

Again, we can send email with no problem.  We just can't receive any email.  Doesn't Exchange Server 2003 use SMTP (via port 25) for both incoming and outgoing mail (when configured with DNS?).  I'm really lost here. . . .? ? ?  Any other suggestions of what could be wrong here?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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