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Windows Vista Ultimate Pain: Cannot save files using 'Save As...'

I just upgraded from XP to Vista Ultimate. Turned off User Access Control. Turned off Protected Mode.

I can't save any files at all.

If I right-click anything in Firefox and select Save As, it throws an error saying the 'file picker terminated unexpectedly'. Then I have to kill the Firefox process via Task Manager. It will not respond to any further mouse clicks or keyboard commands.

If I try it in Internet Explorer, IE7 simply closes itself.

I could not even download Winamp to install it. When I selected the Save button from the file download window, IE 7 closed itself, taking all three open IE windows with it.

When I tried to save an image file in Paint Shop Pro (I made a background image), it closed itself also.

I cannot even save a f*cking text file in Notepad. It crashed too, with the enlightening message 'Please Close Notepad'.

So what, the only way Microsoft can secure their crappy OS is to deny all access to its precious file system? I suppose if they close all possible avenues of corruption by killing all file I/O, they might almost make Windows safe enough to be used by consumer-level users. But for the rest of us, it's nothing but infuriating.

So, now I must take a deep breath, stop myself from throwing this damned computer down the steps out back, and ask what must be the most unbelievable question I've ever had to ask in my 20 years of computing: What am I supposed to do with this operating system to make it work normally, so I can like, you know, maybe SAVE A BINARY COMPUTER FILE TO THE HARD DISK?
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some suggestions;

1. Install all the latest windows updates

2. if you are accessing internet via an ethernet cable, boot the system under safemode with networking and try to download any file from there

3. try creating a new user account with administratve previlige, and check there for the problem
1.Uninstall any updates that might have occurred since this was working properly.
2. Perhaps do a Rollback using System restore.

Barring that, has it EVER worked properly for you?
Upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate
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Thanks for answering my admittedly pissed-off post. :-)

1. I have already installed every update Microsoft has available, so I guess there's no help there.

2. No, it has never worked properly - this is a brand-new installation of Vista Ultimate, which has been activated
with no problem - this is not a hacked copy or anything. It was upgraded from a perfectly-running installation of XP.

3. The first thing I did (like always), was to create an account and add it to the Administrators group, and I've been working on this installation using that account the whole time.

4. I've also been granted permission to turn off UAC and Protected Mode. I've made changes all over the installation... but I can't save a file no matter what I do.

5. The only warning I received was concerning the video card (needs to be upgraded). I can't run a game or two, and I can't have the aero theme until that's completed... but certainly that should not be causing something like this.

I understand these fundamental things must be taken into consideration, but of course I wouldn't have been so cheesed if any of these simple things were the problem. Just the fact I'm asking on EE concerning a Vista installation is stupid enough, lol. So anyway, I apparently have a read-only installation of Vista. I can't for the life of me imagine how that's possible.

Feel free to let me know if you think of anything else.
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thx mtz,

I actually *did* use the same user account name and password. I created another account, added it as Admin, and the problem is gone. Thank you, but it's absolutely appalling.

It's a shoddy implementation when Vista should be "confused" by anything at all. It's a computer program. Its faults are due to overworked, rushed developers and the incessant march toward cheapness and greed that is the main problem with Microsoft and western society in general.

Hehe, that's rich. I blame all of western society for not being able to save a text file in Notepad. I suppose I'm prime candidate for switching to a Linux distro, lol.

Thanks again.
Glad it's working for you.

My initial thought was "Oops, you broke the silver rule.  Do Not UPGRADE Vista over XP."

Unfortunately, that has never actually been confirmed, but you are helping us prove it.