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Microsoft, Exchange, 2000, Active Directory / DNS, Process MAD.EXE (PID=1324). All Domain Controller Servers in use are not responding:

Hey Everyone,
Okay I've been working on this all day, have tried so many different things, and now come to you with a plea for help.  I got a report today that my mail server was saying it was unavailable.  Odd as it and all its services were running. A look in the app log showed a lot of errors.  It appears that if I restart the System Attendant and related services I can get it back up and authenticating users but this appears to only last about 60 minutes before they start getting denied again and the errors start flowing.  The first error received is this:

Process MAD.EXE (PID=1324). All Domain Controller Servers in use are not responding:

followed by:
Process MAD.EXE (PID=1324). All Global Catalog Servers in use are not responding:
 and then:
NSPI Proxy can contact Global Catalog comsvr03.cascadeoccmed.com but it does not support the NSPI service. After a Domain Controller is promoted to a Global Catalog, the Global Catalog must be rebooted to support MAPI Clients.  Reboot comsvr03.cascadeoccmed.com as soon as possible.

It appears that these then recycle.  I have run dcdiag and netdiag. Both found issues that I have resolved. DCDiag failed the fsmo test as the Schema Owner and the Domain Owner were set to a box that is no longer in existance (actually the name was but the  box was no longer a DC.) I fixed that and now DCDiag is good. Netdiag found one of the DCs pointing to an IP that wasn't a WINS server, I fixed that.  I found a couple reverse dns entries that had the mail server pointing to an incorrect IP and fixed those too. All these issues seemed like potential solutions but didn't do the trick. I even promoted the other DC to a GC server (it didn't make things better. I have since removed its GC abilities because I saw an article that said the server that is all five of the FSMO objects shouldn't be a GC.?  The network has been running great for 2+ years.. i have made no changes so I'm not quite sure why it stopped working (Friday night thank goodness).  

Again, if i restart the exchange services I can get another hour of use out of the system..
Any support you all can offer would be appreciated.

thanks in advance
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