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Address list & GAL,

I have 2 questions please:

1- How can I create from the GUI of exchange 2007 an address list based on OU membership ? or group membership? or description? the conditions they give when creating a new address list is irrelevant for me like the country for example, I need to be based on OU or Group. and if I can't by the GUI how can it be done by command?

2- I have three categories of users, Students, Staff and Faculty, I need for each group to have a different default global address book in their outlook, each category is already in a separate storage group and mailbox store, its just that they all have the same GAL, how can I assign different default GALs for each category?
or else how can I assign a default address list for each category? so that if a staff open her outlook and clicks on the address book the list of staff only will show to her (the Staff address list by default) then she can drop down the list and choose from any other address list.

any help is greatly appreciated.

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