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Where do you place the cross over cable?

I am so confused.  Cable is Cat5e
Set up:
Smart Switch(Auto Sensing)-->Patch Cable(A)-->faceplate -->Patch Panel-->Patch Cable(B)-->Smart Switch (Auto Sensing)

Do you make Patch Cable(A) cross over, make Patch Cable(B) cross over, or cross both A and B?
Since both switchs are smart switch, do we need to cross over any cable or use straight through?

Does auto sensing mean you don't have to plug cross over into a certain port, but you still need to apply MDI-MDX principles?

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A smart switch with autosensing will be able to use any type of cable, straight thrugh or cross over is will not matter. But in the event you find that you do not have smart switches with auto sensing then you will use a crossover cable to connect similar devices (i.e. switch to switch, router to router, pc to pc). You will use a straight through for dissimilar devices (i.e. switch to pc, switch to router, pc to router).
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lol, took to long drinking my coffee I guess. Didn't mean to just repeat what kevinizelbanks said ....