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Can't Get SATA Drive Recognized

My Biostar P4M900-M7 motherboard is unable to detect my Seagate 80GB SATA HDD? I went into the CMOS Setup Menu and went to Integrated Peripherals / On Chip IDE Device/ On-Chip Serial ATA. The only choices I had were enable and Disable. I made sure is was enabled then I saved the changes and exited the CMOS. Still not recognized. I have been to the Biostar web site and followed the instructions under the FAQ's as follows -
1.Please go to CMOS under Integrated Peripherals > OnChip IDE device.
2.Enable the On-chip Serial ATA in either Combined mode, Enhanced mode or SATA only.
3.Then set SATA Mode to RAID.
4.Save and exit the CMOS and now the SATA RAID function is launched.


In order to not occupy the system resource, we had set the SATA function as Disabled under CMOS Setup Menu. Please follow below instruction to enable your system SATA function
1.      Power On the system and then press the "Del" key to enter the BIOS Setup Screen
2.      Choice Integrated Peripherals / On Chip IDE Device/ On-Chip Serial ATA
3.      Set "On-Chip Serial ATA" function as Auto.
4.      Press "ESC" key go to Main Setup Menu
5.      Select "Save & Exit Setup" to complete the setting procedure.

I can not find anything that allows me to go into combined, enhanced or SATA only mode. I tried to email them but the email won't go.

When I first installed the hdd it was recognized. It was after I started installing Windows XP and had it format the HDD that the problem started.

Please help.



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