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Connecting locally (bequeath adapter) to a database and Oracle_HOME

Hi everybody,
Here it goes
1)I am a WINDOW XP user.
2)Currently I have 9i and 10g both install at my machine.
3)I did not have any environment variables set for my ORACLE_HOME,ORACLE_SID, PATH etc.

I need to know, if i were to connect locally through SQLPLUS to the database instance. How would the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID value be derived from ?

I need to know this because I have
set a ORACLE_SID environment variable and had it pointing to the 9I instance.
However using my 10g sqlplus client , or 9i sqlplus client, i am able to connect to the 9i instance.

I need to know how is the ORACLE_HOME value derived from as we all know
ORACLE_HOME + ORACLE_SID = memory hash for instance.

Thanks alot gurus.
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