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Run a 2000 DTS Package in SQL 2005

I imported 50 DTS Packages from SQL 2K to SQL 2K5.  The packages are now located in the "Legacy" folder.  I have the 2000 DTS Design tools installed and now can modify/execute the package.  The question, what modifications, if any, need to be made to the line below to execute the DTS package.

EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'dtsrun /Slocalhost /NDTS230a /Usa /P*********'

Also, as a test I "migrated" one of the packages in the Legacy folder to what I thought would be the SQL 2005 version of it.  It ran successfully but have no idea where it is, how it is now stored, or how I can modify it.  I thought it might create a *.dtsx file, I did a search for the file but it didn't exist.  If I try to migrate the same DTS package it comes up that it already has been migrated.  Need Help Badly.

Thanks in Advance
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