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No boot from hard drive

I had a bad virus on my computer. The computer was shutting down unexpectedly. I replaced the hard drive with a bigger one. I will get the documents of the other drive later. I opened the computer case , removed the heatsink to clean it. It was so hot I could barely hold it in my hand... I put everything back together and rebooted from the CD to reinstall Windows XP Home.
The computer would start but I would only get a grey screen with a smalll flashing line on the top left corner. I replugged the old drive and same thing.
After a while the computer would not start at all. I replaced the power supply. Now it reboots, I get the post screen and beeps(normal).
I tried to boot from Cd to reinstall Windows Xp Home from the new drive, nothing except Error loading program. I tried Windows 2000 and it works. It copies all the files to the hard drive. On the first reboot ( from the hard drive) to complete the installation, I get the message that Setup was restarted and then another message that the installation cannot be completed because the signature of Windows 2000 is invalid. Error code 10d9. Both programs are registered and legit

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8/22/2022 - Mon

1) try a different CD drive, and or copy he install files to the Hard drive and install from there.

2) Run Memtest86.

3) Check that the CPU is not overheating

I hope this helps !

>>  It was so hot I could barely hold it in my hand   <<  NOT good !  i hope you reapplied heat paste? if not, do it ! Anyway, install speedfan to monitor the cpu temp :  http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php      
what are your specs? post mobo and disk at least.
if it is a sata drive, you need to load the sata drivers (hit F6 during XP install)

the shutdown can also indicate a bad mobo, so check for bad caps too :   www.badcaps.net
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what was the solution then ?

Like I stated, I think the boot sector on the drives was affected ( at least that the message I got when I tried to reinstall Windows). By formatting outside the Windows operating system, I was able to restore the drives and get them to work again.  Anyways, the computer runs like new.

tx for the feedback !
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