Leather Texture

I am in the process of creating a portfolio website for myself for some of the work that I have done.  I want to have the header be a leather texture.  I want to create the texture in photoshop.  I have a picture that i want it to look like. I used gradients and one filter but I stuck.  I want to reproduce the cracks in the leather, and I can't seem to find the best way to do it.  Any ideas?
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I'm going to point you in the direction of a Previously Answered Question (PAQ), which covers a number of ideas...



p.s. If you find a suitable response or assistance there, you are more than welcome to request a delete for this question.
pariesAuthor Commented:
I looked at that question, but I was wondering if anyone has actually created one.  I have come close but it still looks fake.
I suspect that's why many of the suggestions focused on starting with a real sample, and altering it to fit your needs, rather than starting from scratch.
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pariesAuthor Commented:
Ok I see, i was playing last night and created something that I really like, so i think that is what i am going to use but I want to put stiching on the corners.  Should I just use a broken line box and use layer styles, or is there an eayer way?
I'd probably just do a short strip of "stitching", then copy the layer and move it to where needed, then repeat as many times as needed. You can also merge layers to make longer segments, then rotate, etc as needed for other areas.

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pariesAuthor Commented:
Thanks man that was what i needed
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