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Unbound text box to display data from query

Hi all,
I have a form "xx" based on table "Tblxx", with a combobox "CmbaaID" and I have a query "yy" based on table "tblyy". "Tblxx" and "Tblyy" are related with "aaID". The query "yy" is filtered to "aaID" with
[Forms]![xx]![CmbaaID], which works fine.
The Query has fields aaID, bb, cc and dd from "Tblyy"
The form "xx" has a unbound textbox where I want to display the data "dd" from the filtered query. I just gave it a shot by writing a code in text box like
but this is returning "Name?" error in the text box.
I am quite new for Access and as well VBA.
Can some body guide me through please?
Thanks in advance.
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a textbox can only show 1 column from 1 record, you are trying set it to multiple records from a query. also you need to either use a recordset (more work) or a function like dlookup
you need to pass a whatever criteria to filter it accordingly.
for eg below returns dd from table/query "yy" where aaID = 5
=dlookup("dd", "yy", "aaID = 5")
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Hi Frankytee,
Thanks for your reply,
Can I code the Text box like
=dlookup("dd","yy","aaID=CmbaaID"), ' Where CmbaaID is the combo box in the form "xx" of the Text Box .
If the data type in the field "dd" is Date and Time, How I should code it with dlookup?
Thanks again,
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It is working perfect,
Thanks a lot
thanks you're welcome