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Can't access web-sites, but MSN, ping works!

Hello Experts,

This one got me stumbled...
I can PING domain names, MSN works, but IE or Firefox cannot load web-sites!

Friend's PC:
Windows XP SP2, Comcast cable modem connected straight to the computer w/ Ethernet cable.
Internet Explorer, Firefox3 opens up, but 'Server Cannot be found' page appears.
At first i tried using Firefox2, and it worked well!! But then i updated to Firefox3, and no more connection!

Problem occurred once Linksys router was removed from the LAN.

Comcast tech came over, and could access the WEB using his laptop.
I can PING web-sites, and MSN messenger loads and works well.
Computers gets dynamic pubic IP assigned by Comcast.
I tried disabling firewall, reinstalling IE7, settings in Windows Networking seem fine.
There aren't any blockers or additional firewalls installed to our knowledge.

What tha hell!?

Thank You.
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Marc Z

8/22/2022 - Mon

do you have IE automatically checking proxy settings? in IE go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections Tab>LAN Settings (halfway down window). make sure everything is unticked in the window that opens
Rob Williams

It may be that you do not have the proper DNS settings entered in the network adapter's configuration. As a test can you reach a web site such as Google using the IP: 
If that works verify your DNS.

If connecting by IP doesn't work you may have a corrupted winsock. Make sure you have protection from the Internet, either by a replacement firewall, or enable the Windows firewall. A Winsock issue is corruption of the TCP/IP stack. Most often this is the result of a virus or spyware, but not always. To repair see the Microsoft solution:
Or, you can use a third party utility:
If it still doesn't work there are other similar solutions:
XP TCP/IP repair utility

I tried checking and un-checking all the settings (such as automatic config and proxy discovery) in IE and Firefox w/o any luck.

Rob, i assume if i can successfully ping www.yahoo.com, then my DNS server is fine, i even tried setting static DSN server as OpenDNS>, no luck there.

I also thought that TCP/IP stack was damaged by a virus or spyware, before i left i started an A/V scan. So i guess i'll try to look into fixing that area.

I'll report back soon.

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Walt Forbes
Marc Z

Take a quick look through the Task Manager and make sure you don't have a vsmon.exe running or even just vsmon.
Either one indicates ZA firewall or variant of it.

"At first i tried using Firefox2, and it worked well!! But then i updated to Firefox3, and no more connection!" This sounds like a software firewall stopping new program from accessing the net.

You might want to Download and run Hijack This http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/
Post the log to this site as a text file or as code so we can see what's running.

mtz1of4, leftover from a software firewall or some kind of a nanny-blocking program may also be a possibility. I know they had Norton Security 2007 installed, but now it has been removed.

I've looked at the All Programs, but i didn't see any firewall or blocking programs there. I'll try your recommendations though. Thanks!
Marc Z

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