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What backup for Exchange 2007?

Hi experts! I am reading http://blogs.msdn.com/douggowans/archive/2007/10/16/backup-solutions-for-exchange-2007.aspx and trying to evaluate what backup will be best for us. Our Exchange 2007 SP1 is hosted on a 2008 server. We have only about 50 mailboxes.
I am asking myself if it would be a simple solution for us to do the following: During nighttime, the server is not needed. I would suspend all the exchange services, take a scheduled image (drive snapshot) of the partition where the database is on to be written to a network share and restart the services afterwards. I already tried and the restore worked perfectly.
My only problem: what about the transaction logs? They are growing and I am aware that they are meant to be deleted only after a database backup that is "exchange aware". Should I delete them after producing the image?

If that does not seem to be a good idea, please recommend a way for comfortable backup (to a network location) and restore at the given scenario.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Nitin Gupta

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OK, thanks. Let's sort it:
1 "...delete the log files (make sure not the latest ones and the assigned ones)" - which are "the latest ones"? The logs just for today are the following:
21.07.2008  00:04         1.048.576 E0000000E28.log
21.07.2008  01:01         1.048.576 E0000000E29.log
21.07.2008  02:00         1.048.576 E0000000E2A.log
21.07.2008  02:20         1.048.576 E0000000E2B.log
21.07.2008  03:01         1.048.576 E0000000E2C.log
21.07.2008  04:07         1.048.576 E0000000E2D.log
21.07.2008  04:22         1.048.576 E0000000E2E.log
21.07.2008  09:00         1.048.576 E0000000E2F.log
21.07.2008  09:15         1.048.576 E0000000E30.log
21.07.2008  09:30         1.048.576 E0000000E31.log
21.07.2008  10:02         1.048.576 E0000000E32.log
21.07.2008  10:26         1.048.576 E0000000E33.log
21.07.2008  10:41         1.048.576 E0000000E34.log
21.07.2008  10:57         1.048.576 E0000000E35.log
21.07.2008  11:12         1.048.576 E0000000E36.log
21.07.2008  11:30         1.048.576 E0000000E37.log
21.07.2008  11:45         1.048.576 E0000000E38.log
21.07.2008  12:00         1.048.576 E0000000E39.log
21.07.2008  13:13         1.048.576 E0000000E3A.log
21.07.2008  13:47         1.048.576 E0000000E3B.log
21.07.2008  14:02         1.048.576 E0000000E3C.log
as well as an E00.log and an E00tmp.log datest the most recent (14:02)

2 Not possible: NTbackup is nop longer a part of 2008 server. Windows (2008)complete pc backup is officially not exchange aware.

3 LCR could be an idea but it is no real backup and has to use ISCSI if we would like the replica to be on the network

4 no solution for us, we will not add another server

So 1 seems ok to me. What logfiles to keep/delete?
Nitin Gupta

You can go ahead and delete all, and keep the ones of last day and day before (last day) ie last 2days.
Log files of 1-2 days in your scenario would not be too much.
Hope it is clear

Since noone else has objected I suppose it's ok to proceed like this. Thank you.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Nitin Gupta

Any specific reason why you felt that the solution was not a good one. "B" grade ?

It was a good one. B means good, A is excellent.