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Dell Dimension 3100 power supply replacement

Hi I have a friends Dell Dimension PC here and from the diagnostic lights it looks very likely that the power supply is bladdered.

Does anyone know if the PSUs for this model can be replaced with a standard supply?

I have read\Know that some dells use special pinouts for there PSU connectors.

Furthermore if its is not standard can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier in the UK for a replacement.
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I have a few 3100s and don't see any special pinouts.  Of course, I'm in the US so it's possible the UK models were different.  I haven't had any problem with "non-Dell" PSUs in Dell workstations.  Personally, I'd just pull it and head to your nearest pc parts store.  They should be able to match it up with a compatible PSU.

Or you could go to Dell's page and look up the replacement PSU (probably cost you twice as much as an otc replacement would).  I gave it a shot, but have to have the Service Tag to get to individual replacement parts.
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garycase - Ahhh, you went through docs and found it.  I tried through parts and hit the familiar service tag requirement.  Very nice, I'll have to keep that in mind for future Dell lookups.
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Thanks I will come back to you later.

Your advice about the power supply let me prove the fault thanks.

Struggled to find a supplier of spares initially, ended up calling Dell and they put me in touch with upgrade options at who supplied the part .

thanks to those who helped.