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Joining SBS to existing Domain

Hi experts.

I have a requirement to join a Small Business Server to an existing DOMAIN.
I understand the 50 User limit and this is fine, so I want to know the following...
1) Is it ok to join a SBS server to an existing domain
2) What type of replication takes place, bearing in mind it would be DOMAIN B (sbs) joining DOMAIN A server 2003 AD) obviously different Domain Names for each.
3) Are there any pitfalls?

My constraints are...
1) BANDWIDTH between 2 sites for SBS and existing Domain is 2MEG MAX, no chance of upgrade because of distance from telephone exchange.
2) I would also like to RESTORE Exchange 2003 (full Product) to the SBS in case of emergency.
e.g. Domain A Exchange server 2003 onto SBS Domain Exchange product.

Is number 2 even possible?

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.
I am aware that this is a loaded question (or 2) and I am happy to open another question if need be but I was trying to paint a bigger picture.
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