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Is it possible to remote connect to a local network PC via LAN, that is connected to workplace VPN via WLAN?

Hi guys. Can you tell me if this is possible?

I have a notebook/laptop from my workplace. This has a WLAN-card and a LAN-card. I live at a student dorm with a proxy server of some kind, that has been configured to allow the WLAN-card to access the internet (by its MAC address). From the laptop I can connect to my workplace VPN using the WLAN-card (which allows me to access the internet). What I want to do now, is to remotely connect to the laptop from my iMac using the LAN-card. This way I can use the laptop remotely on a 24" monitor without having to buy a new monitor, that takes a lot of space.

So - is this possible: iMac -> LAN -> Laptop -> WLAN (on the internet) -> Workplace VPN?

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