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Importing PST into Exchange 2007

Hi All,

I currently have a live Exchange 2003 server. I have just built a new Exchange 2007 server on a new domain and forest. I have got all the mailboxes/users created and setup.

The next step is to export the PST files from old server to new. I have used exmerge to create the pst file, but then copied it across to the new exchange server 2007, and it says cant do this as your running a 64 bit O/S.

Now, I understand you need to install exchange management tools 2007 on a 32 bit O/S with Outlook 2003. This creates the PST file but then how do i import this PST file into the new exchange 2007, which is on a new domain. I would be in the same situation.

Any advice would be appreciated


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