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Blurry Background Image

I have created a Crystal Report.  This report is being used as an official form.  I have scanned the previous form into an image and placed it as the background on my new Crystal Report.

We are using c# and the ReportDocument class to view the report in our c# application (Visual Studio 2005) over the web.  The application generates a .pdf file which is then viewed in Adobe Reader called by the application.

Everything has worked perfectly until now running the application on my PC and connecting to a remote SQL Server database and even when previously running the application remotely and connecting to a remote SQL Server database.

We have now switched servers.  Now when the report is displayed when the application is running on a remote server, the background image appears blurry and is hardly readable.

I can open the report on the application server in Crystal and the report looks just fine -- only now when viewing it through the app is the image distorted.

One thing I'm considering is the following.  I installed Crystal on my PC using CRXI and then upgraded to CRXIR2.  I then installed SP3, so my final version is  On th new server, I just did a straight install from the CRXIR2 disk and then upgraded to SP3.  It's version is  I'm wondering if this might be an issue?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I have experienced this issue on Win2000 and Win2003.  I dont believe there is an issue at all other than how Windows processes the graphics within the report. I would bet that if you exported that report from that environment as pdf and opened it on a different machine it would look perfect.  You may try reinstalling video drivers and Adobe.  For me it was never a big issue once I realized it was just the display that was messed up.
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