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Ghost 14 - Bootable recovery funder XP and Vista???

Hi guys, I've searched for an existing thread for my query, but they all either relate to a previous version of Norton Ghost or they apply to Win 2000, some XP and older; therefore I'm having to post a new one.

I spend a very long time building computers for friends and family, who eventually come to me when they have problems (after 2 years of surfing the net without firewall or antivirus......).

I'd like to create ar recovery DVD much like the ones you get with a branded PC.  I'd like for them to boot from the DVD drive, follow the instructions and get an option to format the HDD and restore the ghost image (or maybe even have the OS to try and fix whatever problem they have).  This for XinXP and Vista.

Any suggestions?  PING? Ghost v14? Any new ones out there?  And whichever they are, is there a step by step tutorial?

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