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XP can't authenticate to webdav

I have set up webdav in IIS 6 on a 64 bit 2003 server.  It works fine with an anonymous user but I need to ask for a username and password everytime and allow upload and download.  I have even opened a case with Microsoft and they haven't figured it out yet.  I have just discovered that it works fine from Windows 2000 machines but not XP sp2 or sp3.  Could this be a difference in 2000's worldwideweb publshing service versus the XP webclient service?  Microsoft says IIS looks right and I tend to believe them because it works fine from a 2000 machine.  I am getting desperate on this one.
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Sorry to leave this one hanging.  I ended paying for a Microsoft support call.  it took two IIS techs and two days to get it straightened out.  What made it difficult was that it worked from windows 2000 but not XP, Vista or Server 2003.  Finally got it working using https and domain\username.  It got to the point where I couldn't tell you what the fix was...but it works now.  thanks.