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WebServices Web methods with Custom datatypes

We have a small-medium sized application that includes business and data layer (Platform:.Net 2.0 framework, C#, SQL Server 2005)

Requirement: I need to design a small (and brand new) web services application that would expose various methods (almost 50 to 60 methods of above mentioned existing application) to inhouse external systems. The inhouse external systems would be also be using same .Net framework etc.
I would be using a Custom datatypes e.g. CustomerInfo, CustomerInfoList etc. to return data from Web Services (web methods) to those external system.

(Almost 90% of the methods just read data. 10% of the methods manipulate the data)

1) Custom datatypes returning from Webmethods: How exactly should I code this? Class or Struct or some other thing?
If I code each datatype as an individual Class, webmethods would return these datatypes to external systems. What would be the best way the external systems could understand these data types? (Note: External systems have yet to be coded too)

2) Does it make sense to use some kind of "Interfaces" and its implemented classes as DataTypes?  (Sorry. I haven't used OOP much in past.)

3) Any design tips that would help us in future would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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