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Internet Browsing Issues

Good Morning,
We have been experiencing internet browsing issues since last week. We have not changed anything in our systems so, I need your help in order to solve this issue.
I  have checked connectivity between our PCs and the internal router and everything seems OK, but everybody is complaining about internet browsing, sometimes when they open any website is down, then press F5 and it works fine. This is not an isolated issue, everyone has the same issue.

In addition to this, I tested it by:
Pinging to external websites like Google, yahoo etc., and found that sometimes, the network ping command fails and it doesnt give a consistent positive response

I replaced all Dell Switches and the router, also people from Bell checked our modem, and they told me that DSL connection is OK.
We have two internal networks one for DSL and the other one for ADSL.
 ADSL network is working properly and the DSL network is not working properly and that is why I need your help.
We also increased the bandwith from 6 MB to 10 MB
Can anybody help me with this issue?


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