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VB.Net to Read Serial Port Data from Temperature Monitor

Bought an inexpensive temperature monitor with 4 sensors. In HyperTerminal, I can connect to it on Com1 using 9600,N,8,1, and see that it generates a comma-delineated line at regular intervals that reveals the sensor data. I'd like to avoid HyperTerminal altogether and use VB.Net code to poll the port, write the data to a database, and send emails when out of range.

I need help with the serial communications part.

I tried to use to get the data generated on COM1 by device, but was unsuccessful.
Any code snippets would be helpful.

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have you determine the communication parameters of your device?
If not I suggest to use some Terminal application. Then you can start your serial port programming with confidence.
Have you determine the communications parameters of your serial device?
If not, I suggest to use some Terminal application. then you can start with the programming.
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Dropped a SerialPort on the form, it's SerialPort1 by default. Dropped a ListBox on the form and named it LstTickets. When I run the program, the listbox does not populate. How can I tell I data is being received from SerialPort1?

I told SerialPort1 that:
Baud Rate = 9600
Parity = none
DatBits = 8
StopBits = one
PortName = COM1
Not sure what to do about handshake.

I need a way to tell if data is received. Also, I'll try to open the serial port.
Oops That might help.

If SerialPort1.IsOpen Then
End If
        Catch ex As Exception
End Try

Open in new window

Do that on the form load
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Still no data to listbox, even if I press the ENTER key.  Can I somehow use a watch window, something like SerialPort1.Read or SerialPort1.ReadLine to see data from the serial port?
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Changed SerialPort1's Handshake to "RequestToSend". Now I'm populating the ListBox, but line feeds
(line breaks) are not correct

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Works great with these simple changes to SerialPort1:
Handhake = none
RtsEnable = True
And this change to code: