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HP MSA 2012fc performance


I have a quesiton regarding the performance of the HP StorageWorks 2012fc Dual Controller Modular Smart Array.
Our testscenario is:
2x HP DL 380 g5
4x 144GB SAS in RAID10
HBAs are connected directly with 2GB/s fixed connection ( Emulex LightPulse LP952)

I tested this config with HD tune pro and the results are not very impressive...
Reading: 101MB/sec     Burst Rate:74,6MB    Access time 6.1ms

Writing:58,5MS/sec       Burst Rate:62MB      Access time 0.8ms

1 ) Can i improve something here or is that wat is delivered by this product ?
2 ) Is there a better tool to test the performance ?

Best wishes,
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Have you waited until it has finished initialising the disks? What is it you don't like about those speeds, the access time or the throughput and what are you comparing it to?
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The disks are fully initialized. I think the throughput should be much higher.
The MSA 1500 with oldschool BUS- SCSI technology had the same speed. Or am i wrong with my thoughts ?

Grettings Andii
If the disks rotate at the same speed the SAN box will be about the same speed. You get a little benefit from more write cache; the bus transfer time is about the same. It ought to be quite a bit faster than a MSA1500 with MSA30 SB full of disks doing sequential I/O because that can exceed the bus bandwidth but 4 disks isn't going to get near to swamping the MSA1500 U160 bus.

Your 4 disks in write test is actually close to the MSA1500's max write speed of 80MB/s so put more disks in both and run the test again and you'll see the benifit under the test. Whether you see this benifit in real life is not so likely since you're probably using randon I/O which isn't likely to exceed 80MB/s per channel.

On continuous test your write access time should go up sooner with the MSA1500 since you'll run out of cache quicker assuming it has also got dual controllers mirroring the cache.

HP have a good drawing in one of their manuals that compares bus transfer and access time, it's something like I've drawn below (in ascii)

I ----------------------------------- I ---------------------------------------------- I-I  U320
I-------------------------------------I-----------------------------------------------I--I  U160

SAS is just reducing that comparitively small transfer time.
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I did some tests with the MSA 2000 in different drive constellations:

Maybe also the 2Gbit HBAs are the bottleneck ? Or i just assume too much...

DL380g4 RAID 10 - 4 HDs-15k-144gb_MSA2012fc

READ Min  94.5 MB/s, Max 103,3MB/s , Average  101.3 MB/s, Access Time 6.1ms,
WRITE Min 41,8 MB/s, Max 61,2MB/s  , Average  58,5 MB/s, Access time 0.8ms,

DL380g4 RAID 10 - 8 HDs-15k-144gb_MSA2012fc
READ  Min  94.9 MB/s, Max 106,7MB/s , Average 103.7 MB/s, Access Time 6.1ms,
WRITE Min  30.8 MB/s, Max 72.3,7MB/s , Average 57.8 MB/s, Access Time 0.7ms,

DL380g4 RAID 5 - 12 HDs-15k-144gb_MSA2012fc
READ  Min  100.2 MB/s, Max 113,9MB/s , Average 105.9 MB/s, Access Time 5.6ms,
WRITE Min   45.2 MB/s, Max  72,5MB/s , Average  61.4 MB/s, Access Time 0.5ms,
DL380g4 RAID 10 - 6 HDs-7.5k-750gbSATA _MSA2012fc
READ  Min  52.2 MB/s, Max 103,6MB/s , Average 77.9 MB/s, Access Time 11.9ms,
WRITE Min  20.4 MB/s, Max  63.7MB/s , Average 43.8 MB/s, Access Time  1.0ms,

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Adding the 4gb HBa´s and disabling the background scrub was also giving some extra benefits. I´m still confused why RAID 5 is faster then RAID10 but that is a different story,

We use HP MSA 2021fc disk arrays, connected via fibre channel with 11 x VMware ESX 3.5 with 40+ windows virtual servers, however when I look at the throughput of the msa within the status it shows a maximum of 20-30Mb.

We have 2x MSA which are configured as RAID5 with 12 x 750Gb drives. The MSA's have dual controllers but have been setup to use one which I think is causing a bottleneck but I am looking for a good tool to benchmark the MSA. I can get stats from from VMware VC but I would look to get a good benchmark of the MSA as the the virtual machines seem slow for loading files and I would like to be able to optimise this to the best that the MSA can offer

Kind regards,

Throw the 750GB SATA drives away and get SAS disks Kevin. Also ditch RAID 5 and use RAID 10.