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WebMail Stopped

My webmail service stopped.  after investigating, i notice my exchange server's c: drive was full causing the Microsoft IMAP4 service to stop.  the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC101 had 22G's of log files in it.  I checked system manager and NO diagnostic logging is enabled.  I right click the server and clicked on properties and Enable subject logging and display, enable message tracking are checked but remove log files is set for 7 days.  also the log directory is not the C drive.  there are a lot of files starting with exXXXXXX.txt (one of them being ex080710) looks like a date july 10 2008?  what wrote this log file?  there are files in this folder dated 9/1/2007 till today?  what program is writing these log files?  All Event viewers are set Maximum log size 16,384KB.  

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