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Dell 2850 server unable to communicate with installed DRAC card


I have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 server which has a DRAC 4/I card installed, but i am unable to communicate or configure the card.
The server was setup a couple of years ago, before i joined the company.
If i reboot the server, on bootup it does state that ' Remote Access Controller detected ', but does not give me an option to press a certain key to go into a config screen for the card.
if i goto a cmd prompt on the server and run racadm getniccfg, an error states that communication with the card cannot be made.
The card is seated correctly in the server.
From OMSA i can see the remote access controller, but if i run some tests on it they fail with the error that communication cannot be made with the card.
Any ideas ?
I actually have another 4 servers with exactly the same problem. All of these servers were purchased and built/configured by my predecessor.


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