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VB6 / Crystal 8.0 Error 20515

VB6 program calling a Crystal 8.0 report returns "Error 20515: Error in selection formula".

Formula... "{Billback_Invoice.DT_Stamp} >= DTSToDate('1990/01/01')
AND {Billback_Invoice.DT_Stamp} <= ""DTSToDate('2008/07/21')  
AND {Billback_Invoice.Client_ID}  = 13725"

It works fine on development machines but not on clients.
I/ve compared the u2*, uf* and p2* DLLS on cdev & client  PCs and they are the same

Can anyone please help? I've seen previous posts mentioning running a file but the link to it on Business Objects' site is dead.
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Mike McCracken

WHy are you using DTSToDate instead of simply DATE?

DTSToate is in a separate user library.  I forget where it is located or what the name is.

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Looking further there seems to be other report that ther Client runs that also use DTSToDate in the selection formula and work fine. So I''m guessing maybe another formula on the report has a function missing it's DLL. In that case I'd really like to able to get hold of the file.
According to Crystal

"A diagnostic utility has been included on the Crystal Reports CD to help single out the dependency files a report needs to execute the way it was designed. The tool is called Rptchk32.exe and is located in the tools directory on the Crystal Reports version 8.0 CD ROM. The help file, Rptchk32.hlp, accompanies this utility in the same directory."


Thanks alot mlmcc

I dug out the CD, ran the RptChk32.hlp and unfortunately couldn't find any of the files missing on the client machine  and that was on the evelopment machine.
Is the selection formul added in the report design or through the VB program?

If through the program what code is used?

Through the VB6 Program Code...

sSelForm = "{Billback_Invoice.DT_Stamp} >= " & "DTSToDate('" & Format$(dtpFrom, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "') AND {Billback_Invoice.DT_Stamp} <= " & "DTSToDate('" & Format$(dtpTo, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "')"
If Val(txtHotelID.Text) > 0 Then
         sSelForm = sSelForm & " AND {Billback_Invoice.Client_ID} = " & txtHotelID.Text
End If
CRXReport.RecordSelectionFormula = sSelForm
CRXReport.Destination = crptToWindow
CRXReport.Action = 1

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Mike McCracken

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