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I/O problems HP Workstation xw3100

HP Workstation xw3100
Product # DK543AV
2 gig RAM
2 dual video card supporting 4 monitors
Windows XP Professional

After returning from a 10 day vacation, I started the computer it booted up, but shortly after coming fully on both the keyboard and mouse stopped working.  I powered down and restarted the machine several times.  During some of the attempted startups the operating system, Window XP Pro, informed me that it had an improper shutdown and gave me an option to restart using the last working configuration.  Several time the machine froze during startup.  I have finally gotten the machine to boot up completely (and all my data and programs appear intact on the hard drive) but the input devices (key board and mouse) have again frozen.

Also note that the keyboard and mouse do work long enough to enable me to login to the machine, they seem to freeze up somewhere after XP loads and comes up i.e., the windows desktop and the google desktop tools both load. but before all the little utility programs finish loading in the system tray or when I attempt to launch Firefox or Outlook.

I have a nearly identical machine:

  HP Compaq dc5000 SFF
  Product #: DX854AV

This 2nd machine only has 1 gig RAM and a single (built in) video socket.  It has a nearly identical chassis and motherboard.  I'm happy to scavenge parts or switch hard drives to get my primary machine up and running.

Please advise.

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