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VMWare guest OS to access internet (Host only guest)

Dear all expert! I've built my virtual LAN with 3 guest OS list as below,
Windows 2003 Standard - Domain controller
Windows 2003 Standard - DHCP
Winxp Pro Sp2

All these guest OS connected with each others without problem in 'host only' mode.

How do i enable these 3 guests OS to access to internet using host only mode?

Thanks for help.
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You need to instruct your guest OS's that the route to the internet is via the Host and then instruct the Host to forward connections from the guests to the internet.
If your host is a windows machine, Internet Connection Sharing might be the thing to set-up:
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ICS will change my network became, this will make the virtual LAN not able to connect with each others.
Use NAT or bridged networking for this to work.
host-only networking is what the name suggests: A network that does only allow for communicating with the VMware host.
Is it able to build a router to route the traffic to host & browse to internet?
No, as the network traffic from the virtual machines will never reach your physical network (that's what host-only is for).
There's a host-only network adapter in your host operating system (called vmnetX, where X is usually "1" for the host-only adapter) and this virtual adapter is used for the host-only communication with your guests.

AFAIK, it can't be configured to be used as a ICS interface (even if you work around the issue with the changing IP addresses when you enable ICS) as the VMware driver on top of this interface prohibits this.

What you want to do is to configure NAT (or even bridged) for your VMs. If you absolutely don't want the VMs to be part of your physical network, you might think about putting another physical NIC into your VMware server and implement a setup like shown in the sketch below:

To explain: NIC 1 of your VMware server is the NIC that's currently plugged into it. NIC2 would be the new NIC that's connected to a dedicated router (Router 2) that manages access control for your virtual machines. That way, the VMs will be totally isolated from your companys network, but will have access to the internet.

Furthermore I assume that there's already a router in your environment (Router 1) that handles internet traffic. If this router supports VLANs you could connect NIC 2 of your VMware server directly to this router and put it in a separate VLAN that only has access to the internet.
Thanks for your comment agriesser, but i'm not quite understand & seems like it's out of my problem. I'm only need to access internet from my virtual LAN through my host machine.
Again, you currently have configured host-only networking on your VMware machine. Host-only really means Host-only, so no dice for letting the virtual machines access other networks too.

You need to reconfigure your virtual machines to use NAT networking. That way, your XP Pro VMware Host will become the gateway for them. This was suggested several times in your question and as you did never respond to this suggestion I assumed that you are afraid of exposing your internal network to the virtual machines.
My sketch above provides a complete separation of your virtual machines from the internal network but allows for them having access to the internet.
You meant all the guest OS have to set to NAT or only the Windows 2003 Domain & the rest use domain as a gateway? Please advice.
All the virtual machines need to be configured for NAT networking, yes.
Usually, you change this by editing the virtual machines settings inside your VMware product. The virtual machines themself (if they're windows) will not need to be changed.
I don't know what IP addresses are currently assigned to your host only networking setup but you might want to keep the IP range for the NAT network, so make sure to change the properties of the hosts NAT networking interface in your VMware product accordingly.

If you're using VMware Server, you can handle all this with the virtual network configuration utility that can be found in Start -> Programs -> VMware -> VMware Server -> Manage Virtual Networks.
Sorry, I didn't answer a part of your question.
I don't think that the current virtual network in your case looks like what you've drawn above. That way, you would have needed to create additional vSwitches and I don't think that you've done this.

So currently, it looks more like this:
That said, all your VMs are connected to the same switch and there's no routing in between the virtual DHCP and XP machines and the virtual DC.
Is it able to complete the job by add-in another Virtual LAN card in my virtual domain & set as NAT (as what i drawn)? Point all the others virtual guest to the Domain (as gateway) route to internet?
Erm, yes and no.
You'll need to create another virtual switch that has no physical interface connected to it.
I still don't know if you're using VMware Server or VMware workstation or anything else, so to give you a step by step instruction about how to do that, I need to know what software you're using.
VMware workstation ACE edition 6.0. :)
Phew, I've never worked with this version. Is this a simple workstation with some addons?
Workstation with some extra function, details you can check it
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