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Urgent Need for a Paradox ODBC Driver that allows modifications

I need a Windows ODBC driver that will allow deletions to a paradox table used in a Delphi system.

I don't have Delphi installed, the guy who wrote the system died.


The company got a "Table Full" error message. I think there is something to do with block sizes.
I have copied the table at fault to my system and now need to repair it.  What do I need to do?
I looked at the table and there are a lot of records that are years old and can now be deleted. Also there are some recent entries that need to be deleted as the seem corrupted.  There is a field called Number that appears to be a key to this table, the recent entries contain values with huge gaps, so I think I need to reset these values. I need to find the table that drives these values.

I connected an Access database to the table but the driver will not allow deletes.
The system was written a long time ago (about 1999).

I don't know Delphi and I don't know anybody who does.

Looking for your help.
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Only trying to help...
There's a utilitty at which is very similar to Database Desktop which comes with Delphi 7 and allows you to edit and work with Paradox Tables. The problem is that it's not as powerful as Database Desktop, but, it's free and opensource. I think at the very least it will allow you to delete records and otherwise maintain the tables.
Here are some BDE utilities from Borland, I'll afterwards talk about some specific ones:
There's also "Paradox Repair Utility" by borland which you can get at
(I tried to upload it but this silly utility didn't like what was in the ZIP
There's also the Paradox Tables Check and Repair utility which I think when I downloaded the executable didn't work so I had to recompile it, so I'm attaching my recompiled utility as a jpg - rename it to an EXE to run it
--to look for it yourself you can download it from: or at the BDE utilities link I gave you.
Good luck

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Thanks for the response I will try this out ASAP.
How can I download and install the BDE drivers. The problem is I do not know what version to download and install?
You can try
If those fail I will have to link you to a demo of an application I made which installs the BDE on the system.
By the way, after the BDE is installed it's usually located at
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE\bdeadmin.exe
(or also in the control panel)
Oh to answer your last question about which version, the latest one (5.2) should work with a 1999 app. I would download the latest.
I am unable to download BDE from the Borland site, when I click on the 5.2 professional or entreprise download it always says unable to display this page. Or using Firefox it says file does not exist?
Hmm you can get 5.1 from that other site I gave you. I'll see what I can dig up
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Here's another demo that seems to install the BDE 
Things looking better tanks rfwoolf part 1 working.  The downloads for the BDE installer works well.  The JediDBD desktop now works and I can change and delete records.
All I have to do now is work out how to fire a SQL delete query and I think that will be job done.
I found File-New-SQL Query and I have removed the old records that are no longer needed.

So all I need to do now is rebuild the table so the deleted records are removed. How shall I do that?
 Do I use the tableoperations - pack?
Correct, packing a table does that :)
Also it may be a good idea to run one of those utilities that checks the tables - it might find such-and-such an index is wrong or whatever, but you may or may not need that.
I think all is ok now, but i am not sure how the system generates the number field?

Thanks the poor customer is working and happy now.
Many many thanks
Do you know what fieldtype the number field is?
Paradox data types are alpha, number, money, short, long integer, BCD, date, time, timestamp, memo, formatted memo, graphic, OLE, logical, autoincrement, binary, and bytes.
Autoincrement the number is incremented by the server.
All the others the program has to check what is the latest number in the table, increment it by 1 and then set it as the number.
It is up to the developer what system to use - but my guess is Autoincrement. The Paradox Table Checker should be able ot check indexes etc for you and repaire them if they're broken.
Good luck

Well I'm glad I could help, I hope it's all sorted out :p