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Umm here it goes I have a massive terminal server dual quad core xeons with 16gb or ram and 1tb of storage space. I have approximently 50 TS users connecting to it at any one time. I am having over 500 processes on it and i am thinking about virtualizing it. I was thinking 4 VM's with 3gb of ram reserved for each. What is the best way to do this and do you experts out there think it will help solve our problems. All terminal server users roam from site to site so i need eacho one to be able to login to each virtual terminal server and see the same profile. Any help would be greatly approusiated
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Why not just use roaming profiles?
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okay let me clarify my question a little i want to know if i need a seperate raid card and single drives to hold the vhd files....and i also need to know how to get users to connect to a termnial server like load ballencing
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